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Transforming spaces with innovative 3D garden designs

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Brainstorm and gather inspiration to identify the style and theme of your garden, then refine your idea by considering site conditions and functionality.


Develop a detailed 3D design to precision-plan your garden’s structure, incorporating ideal plant placement, hardscaping features, and spatial relationships to bring your outdoor vision to life.


Seamless implementation of your 3D-designed garden, ensuring that the final result accurately reflects your vision and meets your unique needs and requirements.

Why a 3D Garden design

By investing in 3D landscape design, you’ll get a precise and accurate visual representation of your outdoor space. This immersive experience eliminates guesswork and assumptions, ensuring a realistic and functional design that meets your unique needs.

A 3D garden design offers significant advantages over traditional 2D renderings, providing a more realistic and immersive representation of the space. You can identify potential issues and make adjustments before construction begins, saving time and money in the long run.

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Designing your property: My step-by-step approach

I understand that every property is unique, and I take a tailored approach to meet your specific needs. While my process is designed to be thorough and effective, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. I take the time to understand your specific requirements and adapt my approach to ensure that your goals are met. By doing so, I can create a customized solution that reflects your distinct vision and aspirations.

I’ll start by gathering information about your garden, including:

+ Location: The address and location of your garden, including any nearby buildings, roads, or other features.

+ Climate: The climate and weather patterns in your area, including temperature, sunlight, and precipitation.

+ Existing features: Any existing features in your garden, such as plants, paths, structures, and utilities.

+ Budget: Your budget for the design and implementation of the garden.

+ Goals and objectives: What you want to achieve with the garden design, such as creating a relaxing space or increasing property value.


I’ll measure the site to get a precise understanding of its dimensions, including:

+ Length and width: The length and width of the site in feet or meters.

+ Angles and curves: The angles and curves of the site’s boundaries, such as walls, fences, or hedges.

+ Obstacles: Any obstacles on the site that need to be considered, such as trees, rocks, or utility lines.

I’ll analyze the site to identify any challenges or opportunities that need to be considered, such as:

+ Sunlight: The amount of sunlight that the site receives during different times of day.

+ Shade: The areas of the site that receive shade during different times of day.

+ Soil type: The type of soil on the site, including its texture, pH level, and nutrient content.

+ Drainage: The site’s drainage patterns, including any areas that may be prone to flooding or waterlogging.


I’ll create a rough sketch of the garden design, including:

+ Basic shape and layout: The overall shape and layout of the garden, including the placement of plants, paths, and structures.

+ Plant selection: A selection of plants that will be used in the design, including their types, sizes, and colors.

+ Hardscape selection: A selection of hardscape materials that will be used in the design, such as pavers, stone, or wood.

I’ll develop a conceptual design that incorporates your goals and objectives, including:

+ Theme or style: A theme or style for the garden design that reflects your preferences and goals.

+ Color scheme: A color scheme for the garden design that reflects your preferences and goals.

+ Lighting: A plan for lighting in the garden design that reflects your preferences and goals.

I’ll create a detailed design that incorporates all of the elements from Step 3, including:

+ Plant placement: The placement of plants in the garden design, including their spacing and arrangement.

+ Pathway layout: The layout of pathways in the garden design, including their material and width.

+ Structure placement: The placement of structures in the garden design, such as pergolas or gazebos.

I’ll develop an irrigation plan that includes:

+ Irrigation system type: The type of irrigation system that will be used (e.g. drip irrigation, sprinkler system).

+ Water source: The source of water for the irrigation system (e.g. well, municipal water supply).

I’ll add textures and materials to the design to give it more depth and detail.

I’ll use specialized software to create a 3D model of your garden design. This will allow me to visualize the space in greater detail than with a 2D drawing.

I’ll add textures and materials to the 3D model to give it more depth and detail.

I’ll use rendering software to create high-quality images or animations of your garden design. This will give me a realistic representation of how the space will look when it’s complete.

I’ll use visualization software to create interactive 3D models that allow me to explore different views and angles.

I’ll review the design with you to ensure that it meets your needs and expectations.

I’ll make any necessary changes to the design based on your feedback.

I’ll prepare presentation materials that include:

+ Printed or digital copies of the design files.

+ A presentation narrative or script that explains the design decisions and benefits.

I’ll present the design to you in person or remotely.

I’ll work with your selected contractors or laborers to implement the garden design. This will involve:

+ Planting plants according to my plan.

+ Installing hardscape elements according to my plan.

+ Setting up irrigation systems according to my plan.

I’ll provide ongoing maintenance support to ensure that your garden remains beautiful


Expert Design Solutions for Landscapers

As a landscaping company, you understand the importance of providing exceptional customer service and delivering high-quality results. My innovative 3D garden design solution can help you take your business to the next level by offering a unique and engaging experience for your clients.

What Sets My Solution Apart

My 3D garden design process begins with a thorough site analysis, including measurements, soil testing, and climate research. This comprehensive approach ensures that every design is tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of each client.

Benefits for Your Business

By incorporating my 3D garden design solution into your services, you can:

  • Increase client satisfaction
  • Enhance communication
  • Streamline the design process
  • Increase sales

Key Features of My Solution

  • Accurate measurements and site analysis: Ensure that every design is tailored to the specific needs of each client.
  • Comprehensive plant selection: Provide a selection of plants that will thrive in the client’s specific climate and soil conditions.
  • Irrigation planning: Develop an irrigation plan that takes into account the client’s water usage goals and local regulations.
  • Hardscape selection: Select hardscape materials that meet the client’s aesthetic and functional requirements.

How We Can Work Together

I would like to partner with your company to offer this innovative 3D garden design solution to your clients. By working together, we can provide exceptional service and results that exceed your clients’ expectations.

Next Steps

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to schedule a meeting or call to discuss how my solutions can benefit your business.


why Laing solutions

Nature comes first

At Laing-Solutions, I prioritize harmony with nature, integrating sustainability into my core values and decision-making processes to drive a comprehensive approach to operations and environmental stewardship.

Certified Expert

As a certified Permaculture Practitioner and Environmental Manager, I, Charl Laing, have built a reputation on my extensive experience, research, and experimentation. With a passion for innovation, I stay committed to refining my skills and staying abreast of cutting-edge practices to deliver tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of my clients.

Quality Services

I am dedicated to meeting all client needs and prioritize your satisfaction with my exceptional services. Upon receiving my services, you become a valued member of the Laing-Solutions Family, where I am committed to providing ongoing support and keeping you informed about the latest advancements in our services.

Trusted relationships

I take a personal approach to building long-term relationships with my clients, fostering a culture of trust and transparency. Through open communication, active listening, and a commitment to delivering results, I establish strong bonds with my clients, earning their loyalty and confidence. By understanding their unique needs and goals, I empower them to make informed decisions, and together, we achieve remarkable outcomes that exceed their expectations.


How big should my property be?

Every property, from small to large, deserves attention and care. Whether it’s a balcony or a farm, I tailor my approach to meet your unique needs.

What's the timeline for my design project?

We’ll work together to determine the scope and complexity of the design, and then provide a tailored timeline for completion. Please note that the length of a design project can vary from 3 days to 2 weeks, depending on the specific needs and requirements of your project.

When will the first courses be available?

Sign up to our newsletter! As soon as our first course is available you will be notified via email. Or follow Laing-Solutions on Facebook to be the first to know.

Where does laing-solutions services apply?

For now my services are mainly available in Currently, my services are primarily available in Germany and South Africa. However, I can also offer virtual consultations to clients worldwide. If an in-person meeting is required, please note that a 70% deposit of the quotation fee is due 30 days prior to travel.

What happens in the first consultation?

Let’s start with a personalized consultation! We’ll begin with introductions, then explore your vision and assess your property’s layout. Together, we’ll determine the next steps. This initial meeting will take about an hour. Book your appointment today!

what are the costs?

Each client’s needs are unique, and therefore, every quotation is tailored to meet their specific requirements. My pricing is competitive with the market, and as part of my commitment to sustainability, a portion of my earnings is dedicated to supporting Nature Conservation projects.

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